Hi there,

I have just upgraded from using a Motorola Cable modem and belkin wireless router to using a Netgear Wireless Cable Modem and now i would like to use the belkin router as an access point to add signal strength to the Netgear modem. I have tried all the recommended settings. e.g. security settings etc being the same but still doesnt work. im not sure about IP conflict as the belkin runs as (when set as an access point) and the netgear modem runs as any help would be appreciated.

I have checked the belkin website and none of the settings work. when i change the belkin ip to so it is operating on the same ip network as the netgear modem i cant log back into the belkin router which means i have to reset the router just to get back into the settings but as you can guess when i go through the settings again it stops me from accessing the belkin router.

Cheers guys