I've recently purchased a HP Pavilion dv1420 notebook to replace a Toshiba that was stolen. I have A Belkin F8T007 Bluetooth PCMCIA/PDA combo card that I use to connect my cordless mouse and keyboard as well as my Blackberry. This all worked flawlessly on my Toshiba but will not install on the HP. The HP is running XP w/SP2 and I've tried countless times to get it to install. The Belkin software installs fine but once the card is inserted and the hardware install begins the install hangs on this file; btpcbcsp.sys. The install seems to be virtually finished but it will sit for hours on this seemingly step. I've tested the card on other laptops to make sure it hasn't been damaged but it installs and works just fine.

Does anyone have a clue as to the issue?