Does anyone know what a vcard stream is supposed to look like? I've check the vcard 2.1 documents as well as the obex documents to send a vCard via obex object push to my nokia 6230, but I keep on getting bad request errors. and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

here is my data stream I am sending:
1. first I connect with no target header.
then i send the vcard in 3 packets.

0x02,// put command final bit not set
0x01, //name header
0,0x54,0,0x65,0,0x73,0,0x74,0,0x2E,0,0x76,0,0x63,0,0x66,0,0, // Test.vcf in unicode text
0xC3, // length header
0x42, // type header
0x00,0x10, // length of header type
0x48, //body header empty

Response : 0x90, 0x00,0x03 // continue
0x02, // put command final bit not set
'T','E','L',32,';',32,'H','O','M','E',32,';',32,'V','O','I','C','E',32,':',32,'+','1',32,'(','5','5','5',')',' ','5','5','5','-','5','5','5','5',13,10,

response: 0x90,0x00,0x03 // continue

0x82, // put commmand final bit set

response 0xC0,0x00,0x03 // bad request

i have even tried to send the vcard as the last put command with the final bit set, but I get the exact same response.

I have been through a lot of documents from, OMA, IrMC, but to no avail. the funny thing is that according to the Nokia development website, the 6230, can support Obex Object Push, and uses it as a method to recieve and send vCards to other cell phones, ie, sony erricson 680,

If anyone can please help me with this dilema would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you