I am working on my school project to design a device( battery operated) that can remotely control a mobile phone (currently i am using K750i) via bluetooth for the vision impaired. An example would be a Bluetooth headset which can accept/end call remotely.

i hope to achieve that i can stroll up and down the contact list remotely with the device. I would like to get some information hope you can help me

1.What type of bluetooth processor or bluetooth application kit (that are easily available in the market) can i use and i can develop on for my project features?

i browse through phillips semiconductor, they have bluetooth chips but i have to design the circuit board. So i HOPE to find those circuit board with bluetooth implemented that are design properly with a fix number of input/output where i can just to concentrate on its programming.( not sure if there are such hardware )

2.Now i am designing a device and i would like to add it as accessories in the phone can any mobile phone detect it as long as it is bluetooth enabled?

3.Or must the mobile phone itself to have some program or profile about such device in order to be paired?

Hope you understand what i mean. i would be more than happy if there are any suggestions and I really appreciate your help.

Thank You.