Hi, please let me state I am complete novice so it may seem simple to you but damn confusing to me!. I am hoping someone may know how to get these working. My problem is I have installed a trial version of twonky media onto my mac laptop, but how I configure it past getting it to find files on my laptop is beyond me. I need it to send and therefore view video.pics, music from the laptop to the Panasonic Viera Tv wirelessly. I have plugged in the panasonic doodah and can get Virea cast working (utube etc etc) but it will not see the laptop/twonky at all. How do I get the two to talk? 

Also second problem, how do I get my usb stick images on it to be recognised by the tv? When I put the usb stick into the tvs usb port it says "usb inserted" on screen for a few seconds, but nothing shows or lets me go to it to view whats on the usb stick. Is there something I need to do to get it to be recognised correctly?

Any help appreciated.