I'm sort of new to the whole pocket PC/PDA thing and decided to do some research before dropping the cash.  At a glance it looks like there are lots of challenges with bluetooth.  That put aside I am opting for the pocket PC/PDA and cell phone (with bluetooth) option instead of getting a Palm Trio 650 or other similar phone/PDA.  Wi-Fi isn't a viable choice yet.  For me I'd rather spend the extra money and get the best of both worlds IF I can surf the net at a reasonable speed.  I understand I shouldn't expect internet speeds like I get on the home PC but does the PDA/cell phone system work?  My primary reason for getting this set up is so I can do stock trading at work.  Unfortunately my work doesn't involve an office so this is my only option.

My current choices are:

Dell Axim X51v 624
HP iPAQ hx2490

and a Motorola RAZR V3 phone

I am open to any feedback.  As a side note I am a portrait photographer on the side and might want to use my PDA to store some downsized pictures.  My camera uses Compactflash type I memory cards.  Since I have over 1GB of mem. cards I was wondering if either of these will take Type I as well or just the Type II like they specify?  My camera takes both types so I guess it won't be the end of the world.

Thanks for your help.