I'm looking at a homebrew project to stream wirelessly to two separate stereo speakers.
I can buy an audio bluetooth module, however I'm thinking before I start that there may be some issues within bluetooth that stop me from doing this.

1) Does anyone know if you can stream A2DP to more than one device simultaneously? Possibly by one connecting and the other snooping on the stream of audio data. Is it possible? Or is it purely a system where only pairs of "paired" devices are allowed?
2) Assuming you can stream as a kind of broadcast, is the standard SBC codec likely to introduce indeterminate latency in decode (buffering and the like) which would make it impossible to know that both receivers were decoding the same thing at the same time.  Stereo relies on phase so it totally screwed it up if you have a difference in decode time from one channel to the other.

Many thanks for help with this.  I dont want to start working on a solution that may be fundamentally impossible due to indeterminate delays in audio processing or simply by not being able to broadcast to more than one device.