I have a HTC Wizard/PPC6700 and Motorola bluetooth headset.

I have installed the cab files and completed all the reg edits to have the A2DP working as per posting on Pocket PC forums. A friend has his working on a PPC6700 and helped me do the reg edits. There are 3 cab files and about 10 reg edits approx

This is what happens.

When I enable the A2DP in bluetooth settings, then open Windows Media Player, I get some music.

In a 4 min song, I may have 20 sec, it cuts in then out in usually 5 sec intervals. Sometimes I can go through a whole song and the headset does not have any music.

I have also tried different bit rate songs, all the same, I have set the Motorola as wireless headset in bluetooth settings, a little icon come on for about 10 sec near my 1x icon at top of screen.

here are the links:



I hope someone has been able to resolve this issue and can offer assistance.