I got one of these so I'd have some music on the drive up North for Easter. I had done quite a bit of research on this model and I was impressed, the best deal came from, surprised here, Bond and Bond Listed at $425 on there site I was even more pleased to find it $90 off to clear stock. First problem, the only black one they had was an ex demo model but I figured "why not, I can always take it back" Well, I get home and plug the charger in and all goes well then I notice that there is no USB cable, back to the shop and pick up cable. After a good two hour charge I unplug the unit and the screen goes black. After a few checks I decide that there is a problem and return to the shop, they only have a white one. Off to Newmarket to pick up another unit. The guy in the shop squints at the thing for a while, plugs it in fiddles for a moment and tells me that "it don't work" No s**t sherlock!. I get the new unit and go home. All nice and wrapped up and plastic bags from hell. On the back of the unit is a sticker "Be sure to switch battery switch to "ON" position". Could this have been the problem?.. like duhhh
Anywhoo, I plugged in the USB and loaded the software and sat back to see how long this thing would take to sync. After a few Min's. it said all done or something like that and I rushed off to the car, plugged it into the stereo and off we go. A few hours later I'm saying "this random thing sucks I keep hearing the same songs" The reason for this was that only about 100 songs had been transfered. Having now spent about ten hours trying to get the thing to load music I tried, as a last resort and because I had done everything else other than stamping on the damned thing, I plugged it through a USB 1.1 hub and all went well. How could this be? USB 2 too fast for the little bugger? I still can't figure this out. has anyone else had this problem?