Hi everyone, I recently saw a VR headset on 1-day for about $20.  I'd never played with VR before and figured that although this would probably be a horrible quality unit it would still allow me to dip my toes in and learn a little.  To my surprise the headset is surprisingly good.  Phone just pops in and the opening scene in the Google cardboard app actually looks pretty cool.  It does however require you to focus on a wolf/dog and then hit a button.  The headset does not have a button and did not ship with a bluetooth controller.  Playing round with a few other apps reinforced how important actually having a controller of some sort to interact with what you're seeing is.  Obvious in retrospect.  One day I'll no doubt be interested in buying a reasonably good headset but I'd still like to be able to play round a bit more with the budget model that I have.  Ironically, when I checked the 1-day site last week they were selling basically the same headset for $25 but this time with a bluetooth controller.


There seems to be lots of very cheap ($5-$10), basic single button controllers for sale overseas, but everything here in NZ seems very high spec and correspondingly, very expensive. Would be grateful if anyone was able to point me in the direction of a supplier in NZ that supplies these extremely basic units or if anyone has one they'd like to get rid of that would work to.  Alternatively, suggestions for basic Android apps that work well without a controller or for repurposing other devices (such as my old PS3 bluetooth remote?) to work as a bluetooth controller for my phone would be gratefully received!


While hunting around online I did see some DIY recommendations about using a magnet.  To be honest I'd probably just throw this one away and buy the $25 unit that comes with a basic bluetooth controller than go on a mission to buy a magnet and then jury rig it to the current headset!