I have a Plantronic BackBeat Pro 2 headset and a Panasonic KX-TG7653AZ Cordless Phone system.  The Panasonic base set can be set up for bluetooth connectiion to the headset.  I have paired them.  The headset light comes up on the Panasonic base station and the Plantronics headset tells me it is paired. I also have the Panasonic privacy mode set to 'Off'.


With the headset turned on and an incoming call I can pick up the Plantronics headset (or tap the answer button) and it will answer the call .... no problem.


When I make an a call on the Panasonic handset I cannot get it to come through the Plantronics headset.  I try pressing the answer button on the headset but that does not work.


As I am hearing impaired I really need to get it so the headset works for both incoming and outgoing.  Panasonic support say the phone system is all ok and the hedset is the likely problem.  Plantronics support say the headset is ok and the problem lies with the Panasonic phone.


Has anyone come ocross this issue and resoved it?




Thanking you in advance for any assistance