Hi guys,


I've been doing home automation for the past several years, and have been reasonable active on the OpenHAB and Host Assistant forums.


Professionally, I've been working in cyber security through my own company. After having written a couple of posts about security a while back and listening to all the feedback, we recently decided to take a crack at doing home automation installations, with an emphasis on network and IoT cyber security.


Basically, in our opinion, the traditional home network no longer offers a reasonable amount of protection when dealing with the IoT. The routers we are all using at home support only very basic functionality and have been geared to define only one or maybe two DHCP reservations. In my home I have nearly 65 internet connected devices, and it's literally impossible to stay on top of the security when they're all lumped into one virtual space.


You can check this out if you're interested here: https://l.echoit.co.nz/secure-iot-home-automation-wellington


Or our main website here:https://echoit.co.nz/




I'm also more than happy to help with any home automation problems or security concerns you have.