Hi all,


I'm currently looking at perhaps adding some automation to my house and was wondering about the flexibility / compatibility of the Aeotec Nano Twin Switch with existing dimmers (to keep cost down). Can you have a convectional (trailing edge) dimmer in series with one of the outputs to provide remote on / off ability as well as convectional dimming? Does this interfere with the power metering?


Looking at the wiring diagram, there is a common input with 2 switched outputs from that common. I would expect that if you put the dimmer in series with one of the outputs, you could have one switched on / of, and another switched on / off with manual dimming. If you put the dimmer in the input, you could have two switched with both dimmed. There may be issues with dimming both at same time (how dimming reacts to load, however, being phase angle control there might not be).


Thoughts / Experiences?