I am casting media files from an external drive to an Nvida Shield using Chrome. I have run into a couple of things I don't understand and wonder if anyone here can help.


The first issue is the file cast function. All of the files are videos from BBC in MP4 format. Some play normally. Some just cast a mainly blank screen with what might be a broken file icon and a play button that doesn't work. There is no explanation of the problem. The files that don't cast play normally when clicked on. They can also be cast by casting the desktop. It is only the file cast function that has the problem.


The second is audio quality. I have tried casting the desktop from two different laptops, both running the same versions of Chrome and MPC-HC. Default settings are the same. The OS on one is Win 10, on the other Win 7. When I cast the video on the Win 10 laptop, the sound quality is normal. But when I cast from the Win 7 laptop, the audio sounds hollow and muddy. When I just play the video on the laptop, the audio sounds normal as far as I can tell. 


Does anyone know why there should be such a difference between the two computers? I am wondering if there may be a secret setting somewhere that could be affecting this.