My eReader is a Kobo Aura HD that I got in early 2014. I love it to bits and it makes the bus commutes to and from work tolerable.


However, the battery seems to be on its last legs. It has gone from needing to be charged every 3-4 weeks, to needing a charge weekly, to needing a charge pretty much every day.


I was going to get a new one. However, the new models on sale locally (Kobo Aura H2O 2) look like a distinct step downwards. The screen and performance are pretty much unchanged, but Kobo have done away with the microSD card slot, which means that I would be left with the comparatively paltry (8GB) of internal storage, which wouldn't hold everything currently on the reader (4GB + 32GB memory card). That being the case, I'm looking to replace the battery to try and give it a new lease on life.


Does anyone know whether there are any outfits (preferrably in Wellington) that would be able to perform a battery replacement for me? I have tried Kobo, who advise that they don't have any local service agents.


Otherwise I will have to look at a Kindle, which are available with 32GB for about the same price. But the screens are smaller and I would be faced with having to convert a fairly large library from epub to mobi. Which I underdstand Calibre can do, but which would be tedious.


Is it likely that one of the little boutique places that repair mobile phones etc would be able to perform the battery replacement for me?