Does anybody use Dimplex wall mounted heaters alongside the Dimplex Energy Control System? The ones sold by Mitre10, but I can't get links to Mitre10 to work.


I have an issue whereby controls from the App > Hub > Heater(s) works fine, but Heater > Hub > App does not work. I have a couple of heaters and depending on where I put them impacts the outcome. It is almost like the hub can always talk to the heater, but the heater can't always talk back to the hub. I thought it might be a range thing, but after testing a bunch I now have a working heater 4 rooms away, and a non working heater in the next room (different directions).


As far as I understand the hub <> heater communication is on 920mhz, and the different heater modules act as repeaters. 


Any ideas as to next steps and troubleshooting?