Hey guys, here's a random one:


I have a Google Hom Hub (now called Nest Hub) and I love it. Problem is because it sits on the bench the kids are constantly drawn to it and end up putting videos and stuff.


Now, I could try working on my kids but anyone who has them will now that it's usually easier to fix the tech...


I want to disable Youtube on it as we don;t use it anyway. I appears that the only way to do that is through the "Wellbeing" options in Google Home app.


Has anyone seen this options in their app? It appears it might only be available in UK, US and AUS but so are other things which seem to work for me (My Assistant Language has always been en-US)


I would appreciate any help in that matter to enable the Wellbeing options (which ultimately would let me disable Youtube), even if it means running through a VPN or such to make Google believe I'm in OZ or the US (is that even possible?)


I reached out to Google via chat but while polite, they were rather unhelpful...