The Boosted Stealth offer unprecedented speed & performance for its size. I recently purchased mine off Hyper Ride in New Zealand for $2679.99 just last week and have already slapped 100kms on it. Please note I have never had any previous skating experience except intermediate skiing.




As I live in Palmerston North many roads are made with chip-seal offering an uncomfortable ride although the Boosted Stealth's 85mm wheels lessen the impact making it tolerable. Although many roads in Palmerston North are made from asphaltic concrete making it a much smoother & faster ride. 


The board's acceleration is great at traffic lights and can often get you moving faster than cars, this is perfect in Palmerston North as there are plenty of traffic lights. The Boosted Stealth also has an advertised top speed of 39kmph, I've never been able to match this speed, but after only one week of usage the app can confirm I was able to reach a top speed of 34kmph.


The Boosted app is rather basic only featuring battery firmware updates, statistics and the ability to modify speed modes. But there is a feature allowing you to "join your city" where you can meet other Boosted board riders. At this current time only Auckland is on the list but I am hopeful that a Boosted Ambassador will add more in the near future.


I've never had any skating experience before and find turning tight corners hard (board threw me off while attempting to turn today). But going straight through roundabouts are relatively easy.


The included wireless remote is responsive and can control speed as well as ensure smooth, regenerative braking. It was very easy to learn. There are 5 speed modes, I started on beginner but moved up to Eco shortly after for that extra 4kmph speed bump.


For the first days I didn't wear a helmet but soon purchased the Triple 8 Certified helmet from AoteaRoller ( and have felt much more comfortable riding ever since.


There aren't many cons of the Boosted Stealth but one of them is its weight. If you are unfortunate to be caught up in the rain or a dead battery you will be lugging around a nearly 8kg longboard.


I would recommend the Boosted Stealth as a replacement for your car especially in high density cities like Auckland or Wellington. It's perfect for getting around and the 22km range will always ensure you will always make it to your destination.




I apologise for the lack of content but this is just a quick update after one week of riding the Boosted Stealth. I am more than happy to add photos/videos or to answer questions that I haven't covered.