I have an iSmartgate garage door opener, which has suddenly stopped working under HomeKit. The HomeKit name for the door is ‘garagedoor’.


In the Home app, the status is ‘no response’. In Home+ status is ‘bridged accessory not reachable’. In Home+, if I go into settings ->  accessories -> garagedoor, the services all say ‘error’ but the connection status is ‘reachable’, and if I hit identify, the door will activate (I.e. open if closed, and close if opened).


I have a Ubiquiti Edgerouter and I did upgrade the OS a week or so ago, but I’m not sure if the garage door issue pre-dates or post-dates the upgrade.


I have an Eve smart switch on the same HomeKit network and it is working fine. I have re-started the HomePod, the router, and attempted to re-initialise the iSmartgate bridge. No difference.


I assume Home+ ‘identify’ executes the Identify method, and it seems weird this will work.


anyone have any thoughts or ideas?