Installing Diptrace onto my work iMac to do a couple of small PCBs and Microsoft Defender ATP picked up 4 files inside the WINE environment that have Malware in them.


I have a support ticket with Diptrace now 24 hours old, they have not yet acknowledged the issue but I have checked one of the files using VirusTotal and confirmed the issue.


I also checked using the VirusTotal using a file directly from the Drop file installer.


I am a legitimate owner of Diptrace 3 and 4 and actually have some work I would like to do buy can't.


No idea if previous versions have this issue, or even if the issue lies with Codeweavers who have produced the 64bit Wine Wrapper environment


I am not sure how much damage this malware can cause on a Mac as it seems to be files that would never be needed




But, if you use it, treat this as a heads.