This was posted on the christchurch robotics group list.

Their website is

A few folks have suggested that a Robotic challenge at each Chch Robotics

session would be a good thing.

Hayley suggested solving aspects related to Robocup rescue could build up

to a complete rescue robot. So for our next challenge I suggest a challenge

to build a robot to push all the cans off a Science Alive table without

falling off. The robot to complete the task in the fastest time wins.

Expect four or more empty, unweighted 330ml drink cans. A future task would

be to pick up the cans and drop them off the table.

We can put the table near the ground to prevent damage to errant robots.

Using a table rather than a genuine rescue mat makes it easier to test at


The challenge will run from 6.30pm on 20th October at Science Alive.

Comments anyone? (I know Guy and Alex want to do drag race one day).