evening all, kinda need a hand or advice on other bits and programming help with the following:
this unit that needs to have:

Arduino pro's with wireless control via xbee 2.4ghz pro and camera feedback: ??

1) Dual esc for 24v dc motors skid steer sabretooth 2x10A controlled via 10k pots at operator end
2) Three, dual 5A speed controls (six motors with frd/rev) some of these may need to be resistive  feedback (servo style) via ardunio. these motors need to be controlled via 10k pots at the operator end

3) 5 Channels for 1/4 scale servos control via 10k pot at operator end

4) Camera feedback via Xbee?, colour preferred good quality

5) Two or more aux relay outputs controlled via switch at operator end)

parts ive sourced or thought of using are
2x Ardunio mega (www.nicegear.co.nz)
2x Xbee pro 2.4ghz 1W o/p (www.nicegear.co.nz)
1x 10A 24v esc sabretooth 2x10)
3x 5A esc sabretooth 2x5 (as above)
(http://www.dimensionengineering.com sourced thanx to bartmangeek :)

power source is two 12v 18ah SLA for skid steer motors and would be nice to power everything else
if not can add another 12v 18ah SLA for everything else.

anyone knowing of a PWM switch for RC that have four switches off one channel (for another project?)

feel free to add a few comment on wot you think i could use to make this integrate together better
if not can you help me mix it all together and make it work???

Cheers Glenn