Hi folks,

I have a (very) small online business that is currently hosted with webbase.co.nz using the magento application. Unfortunately despite their great service it's just not financially viable for me to keep my hosting with them, and since I already have a godaddy account for another website I help maintain I have decided to make the switch and transfer the hosting of the site to godaddy.

That's where the easy part ends! I have spent the last week trying and failing to transfer the site to the new host, with multiple calls to godaddy support and ultimately no real success. They've all tried to be helpful and occasionally we've got it running properly on their server for 5 minutes or so, and then for seemingly no reason at all the site just crashes with a fatal php error or something similar. It has now gotten to the point where they've said Magento is hard to transfer without rewriting huge chunks of the programme, and the only way they can really help me is to charge me $80 and do the transfer for me.

I don't mind paying for help to do this if I need to, but I really wanted to try and do it myself as much as I can, and $80 is a lot of money for a business that hasn't really got going properly yet.

Is anyone out there able/willing to assist me with the transfer that won't cost me this much please?!!

Much appreciated