We're looking for intermediate to senior full stack developer with DevOps interests. This is a brand new role that we have created to help facilitate significant growth across the Generator business, where you'll form a critical part of our innovation roadmap.


What's the job?

Your primary role as a full stack developer is to work alongside our CIO, senior management team, external software developers, and internal IT operations team across three distinct areas.


  • Extending the capabilities of our private cloud-based ERP application and customer portal as you integrate a number of third party applications and APIs into our the GenHub ecosystem. 
  • Building and/or augmenting various independent internal systems with a focus on service delivery automation, (some from the ground up), and connecting them into a wider integrated ecosystem.
  • Developing beautiful reporting dashboards for our senior executive team that will pull, correlate, and analyse big data from our various internal and external systems. Presenting results allow our team to manage and forecast all our business operations across multiple sites.

Tool's you'll be working with on a daily basis:


  • Node.JS
  • Python / Django
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Ubuntu / Debian Linux

and anything else you want to bring to the table.

In a nutshell we're looking for a cat riding a unicorn with a golden desert eagle full stack developer with a diverse skill set, to help us build and improve the overall automation and integration of all our systems and services.


You can learn more about this exciting opportunity, company (incl video) and what it offers at: https://recruit.chillifactor.co.nz/jobs/view?id=1412/