Rocket Lab - Flight Data Analyst/Launch Safety Analyst

Let's get a Kiwi in this position!

This is a niche’ role where you will learn a wide range of skills to apply to almost any other field. As a part of a larger team, you will help design trajectories, simulate failure modes and analyze the outcomes.

In this role you will learn about all aspects of the launch vehicle and become the expert in Flight Safety Analysis.

You will need a practical knowledge of probability theory and strong programming skills.

Dealing with large data sets, you should have a good understanding of parallel programming and design for efficiency. An understanding of aerospace concepts will help you greatly but is not essential. A strong mathematics and physics background is essential.

Essential skills:
•At least a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) in Engineering, Aerospace, Mathematics, Physics or Computational Science.
•Strong analytical skills.
•Programming; Python, C/C++.
•Ability to work independently and tease out important details.
•Ability to learn and develop new methods and analysis techniques.

Desired skills:
•Experience in parallel programing.
•Experience in practical statistics/probability theory.
•Experience in GUI design, frontend and backend.
•Something unique to bring to the team.

Important Information:
For security reasons background checks will be undertaken prior to any employment offers being made to an applicant. These checks will include nationality checks as it is a requirement of this position that you be eligible to access equipment and data regulated by the United States' International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Under these Regulations, you may be ineligible for this role if you do not hold citizenship of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the European Union or a country that is part of NATO, or if you hold ineligible dual citizenship or nationality.