Hi guys

Some of you may have seen this thread whereby I was receiving a "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" message appearing periodically on my iPhone due to some mild water damage I received to the dock connector when I was in Canada early 2008.

The lovely guys at Kiwi iPhone redirected me to OmniTech - a cell phone service company based in Henderson, Auckland. I couriered my iPhone to them (with a return courier bag) after a brief discussion with a technician there 'Eric'.

Eric originally quoted me $80 to replace the dock connector. As luck would have it unbelievably the error message stopped appearing as soon as OmniTech received the phone and it apparently did so for about 3 days! Just when I was on the phone to Eric and he proclaimed that he was going to have to send it back to me unchanged as he cannot see an error the error finally came back with a vengeance.

OmniTech engineers then dismantled the phone (which I've heard is quite a task) and refitted the dock connector, some cabling that was water damaged and I think they also replaced the plastic cover on the back of the phone. I was then rung upon completion of their service and my excitement was somewhat dampened when I was told the bill was $200!!! After expressing my discontent at being grossly misquoted they agreed to reduce to $130.

I have had the phone back for about a month or so now and it is working great. They did a great job and I would recommend them but MAKE SURE you get a written quote!