Hi - I'm hoping to find out if anyone knows of anywhere that I can hire a 2018 iPad Pro (either 11" or 12.9") for 24 hours from?


I've looked at various 'IT Rental' outfits listed from a Google search, but so far can only find places that deal with multiple iPads or have a high minimum charge, but also can only find places that have older generation iPads.


I'll be giving a demonstration of utilising an iPad as a wireless preview device in photography and am hoping to demo a newer device. I've been using my iPad Air 2 for the last few years and although it works very well I'd like to work with a larger/better screen and see if a newer wireless radio will give an increase in transfer speeds.




Any thoughts on tech rental places that I'm not aware of (Wellington based would be easier for pick-up drop-off without incurring courier fees/extra time) - Thanks.