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Master Geek

#40486 29-Aug-2009 14:01
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Hi guys,

I'm just after some help to see if anyone else has managed to find a resolution in a similar case to mine.

I purchased my iPhone 3G one week after they came out, so I'm about 2 months out of warranty.

About three days ago, the battery life just went.  I mean, from surviving around 2 to 3 days between charges, down to 2-3 hours.  Not only that, but the phone has started heating up quite alot, and I'm fairly concerned about it exploding (Google search for iPhones exploding).  The phone has not been dropped, or immersed in any liquid.

I found this page on the apple site:

and this page:

It states that there is an out of warranty battery replacement available.

"My iPhone is not eligible for warranty service. What are my service options?

  1. iPhone Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement

    If your iPhone requires service only because the battery's ability to
    hold an electrical charge has diminished, please contact your carrier."

I called Vodafone up, and they referred me to an 0800 number for the Vodafone Online Store.

I called the Vodafone Online Store, and they said to take it to their Glenfield store.

I called the Glenfield store, and the guy was very helpful on the phone.  He rang Apple for me, but confirmed that his repairer is not actually a repair company, they just do replacements, and that Apple have said that an Out of Warranty Battery Replacement is not available in NZ.

I also went to the First Mobile Vodafone store in the Albany Westfield today, and the guy there said "you can't get a replacement battery for an iPhone, you just have to buy a new one". 

So, what am i meant to do here and has anyone had any luck getting this sort of issue sorted?

If I take it to a third party repairer, they all make you sign agreements that you might not get a working phone back.  Not acceptable.

Also, if I do it myself or a third party repairer does it, and it turns out to be another fault with the phone, Vodafone will say that it's been opened and I can't invoke the CGA.

Basically, as far as I can see, my only option is to invoke the following clauses in the CGA:

Spare parts and repair facilities

This is a guarantee that a manufacturer must give. Unless the
manufacturer has let you know that it is not possible, you have a
right to repair facilities -some place that can fix your goods - and
spare parts for goods you buy.

This right applies to all new goods. It also applies to second
hand goods that have been imported into New Zealand and you are the
first person to buy them.

This right only applies for a reasonable time after the goods
have been bought.

If you buy imported goods, the importer must take reasonable
steps to provide repair facilities and spare parts. You can not
expect a New Zealand company that makes the same brand to provide
these things for imported models.


Guarantee of acceptable quality

Goods must be:

  • fit for the purpose they are made for

  • safe

  • durable - last for a reasonable time

  • have no minor defects

  • acceptable in look and finish.

So as far as I'm concerned there is a known issue with the batter - that it does not last a long time.  Fair enough, and I would have been happy to pay $100 or so to get it replaced by a licensed repairer.

They've broken the spare parts and repair facilities part of the act, as well as the durability part of acceptable quality.

There was nothing on the Vodafone site when I bought the phone that said "Warning - this phone has a battery that is non-replacable and only lasts between 300 and 400 re-charges rendering your phone useless after around 14 months, and also causes dangerous operating circumstances when the battery starts to run out".  I was expecting the iPhone to last between 2 and 3 years, as I still have a 7 year old Nokia that still works.

Any recommendations?  Has anyone had any luck getting a refund or partial refund (for depreciation of electronics at around 50% I would expect a $500 refund), or replacement with a second hand phone, or a new phone from the Vodafone Online Store, or any other store selling iPhones for that matter?

If you have a magical answer that feels like Christmas, thanks very much :-D

 - Kit

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Uber Geek


  #251549 29-Aug-2009 14:06
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Blame Apple for making a phone with no option to replace batteries otherwise the process would be quite simple.

Do whatever you want to do man.



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81 posts

Master Geek

  #251551 29-Aug-2009 14:07
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Hahaha yeah that'll teach me!

But my iPhone is so pretty /batterseyelids

I've emailed them the "did i speak to the right people, how can I get this fixed?" no swearing email.

We'll see if that goes anywhere :-D

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Master Geek

  #251556 29-Aug-2009 14:39
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Mobile fone repair in Mt Wellington could probably replace the battery. There are a few places that can.

If you don't mind the drama take them to the Small Claims Tribunal. The Phone & Battery ahould last longer then 14 months.


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Master Geek

  #251557 29-Aug-2009 14:44
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The guy at the Glenfield store (he was super super awesome helpful as far as his job allowed by the way), said that MFR in Mt Wellington is their repairer, but that in the case of iPhones, they just do a straight swap out when in the warranty period.

They're not in the office today, but I'll call them Monday.

My only concern is that if there's a different problem with the phone, and I have the battery replaced, then if it does end up in the Small Claims Tribunal that the Vodafone Store will claim that I opened it and the repairer could have caused the problem, therefore I'm not covered under the CGA.

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Master Geek

  #251562 29-Aug-2009 15:05
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ihelp in auckland replace the iphone battery for $35

202 posts

Master Geek

  #251566 29-Aug-2009 15:27
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My only concern is that if there's a different problem with the phone, and I have the battery replaced, then if it does end up in the Small Claims Tribunal that the Vodafone Store will claim that I opened it and the repairer could have caused the problem, therefore I'm not covered under the CGA.

Your'll be fine. MFR is an official repairer for Vodafone/Apple so no problems there.

If they won't replace the battery (I'm sure they will) go back to Vodafone and ask where to get your battery replaced, if they can't help ask for a full refund.

The whole issue of backup support behind the Iphone in NZ is a joke!! You would win hands down in the Disbutes Tribunal!!


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Ultimate Geek

  #251570 29-Aug-2009 16:05
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I have signed a 2 year contract with Vodafone so hopefully my iPhone lasts the distance... Surely if they will only sell you an iPhone plan for 24 months then this should be a "reasonable time" for it to "be durable"?


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Master Geek

  #251572 29-Aug-2009 16:24
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thinhvy: ihelp in auckland replace the iphone battery for $35

Helpful thank you I'll call them Monday too and see if they guarantee the phone back in working order.

In the meantime, who needs a heater?  My iPhone's putting out enough heat to power a small city.

Ham, you'd hope so.........and like the other comments here, I'm sure that's the spirit of the law.

I think we're going to see my issue popping up more and more - remember most peoples iPhones are only just coming out of their warranty period.

My only piece of advice is LIE.  Call them and tell them your battery is stuffed BEFORE your warranty runs out.  If I knew there was no battery replacement available, I would have done that to save myself the hassle.

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Master Geek

  #251841 31-Aug-2009 00:56
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My understanding is that Apple do not repair handsets and that they have a swap policy if in warrnaty and a cost swap if out of warranty.

Here in Australia that is the case if you bought an iPhone from 3 Mobile and it is out side of warranty or is damaged it will cost you $288.00 AUD to have a swap unit as long as your original iPhone has not been opened (by you or a 3rd party repair company), damaged beyond repair or have the casing changed by 3 party, they even swap out for Liquid ingress. Thats better than having to buy a new one at $925 AUD for 16GB 3GS, even your insurance excess would most likely be around $250 or more depending on the amount insured or your age etc.

You wont believe this but insurance here in WA is wierd, you have to have your devices covered seperatly from you house contents, for example RAC will insure your iPhone for use in side your home but once you take it out side and say drop it or some thug runs past and nicks it from you, your stuffed as you are not covered unlike NZ. Now for the pleasure of using my iPhone outside, going to work or down to the shops I would have had to pay about $20 AUD per month on top of my House contents insurance. So I am covered now with Westpac of all compaies for my iPhone.

I am lead to believe that for any carrier they are supposed to have agrements with Apple about returns under warranty / non-warranty and a process before they are aloud to sell the iPhone. I would take this to local regional manager or you might want to try Fiar Go or Close up if they are still running lol.

I work for 3 Service and we do all the accessments in store for Warranty & non-warranty were as all our EWS (Early Warranty Swap) 14 day full replacement is done by our main Service team in VIC who are Apple certified who advise us to go ahead with the swap.

I own a Vodafone iPhone 3G 16GB that I bought in Feb 09 before moving to Australia I hope I don't have any issues lol, however it sounds like we have better service in OZ than you guys so maybe I will upgrade to a 3GS.

I hope you are able to solve this issue, good luck



81 posts

Master Geek

  #251958 31-Aug-2009 13:33
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I called up MFR this morning, but have decided not to use them, given the comments about possible replacements if the unit hasn't been opened in Australia (hoping something similar might be done for us here).

They said that I should send the phone in, and that if they can find a replacement battery they will, but otherwise I might be able to get a replacement for around half the original price.

Unfortunately, if I have an Apple product, I want Apple parts, not cheap imitations and a total voiding of any rights.

No response from the Vodafone store yet..........

Hawkes Bay
8476 posts

Uber Geek

Retired Mod
Lifetime subscriber

  #251960 31-Aug-2009 13:54
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New Zealand law is very clear - it is the RETAILERS responsibility to put this right for you.

A few months over 1 year is NOT an acceptable period of time for a high end device, ESPECIALLY considering:

1. The battery is not easily user replaceable.
2. The retailer sold you the phone with a 2 year contract on Vodafone (thereby implying [in my opinion] that the unit would be functional for that period of time).

The retailer is the ONLY entity required to put this right, and furthermore, they MUST do so, within the scope of the law (incl the CGA).

They cannot wipe their hands of the situation, but if Vodafone (assuming Vodafone dont own the retailer), or Apple want to, they may choose to remedy the situation on behalf of the retailer.

If they don't, keep hammering the retailer, and try Fair Go and / or the Disputes Tribunal. The D.T. would probably come down on the retailer like a bag of hammers, and so too would F.G. (assuming they picked the case up for you).

Good luck.

(I am not a lawyer).


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Master Geek

  #251984 31-Aug-2009 16:24
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I think you should do a law degree Tony, you sound pretty convincing.

Here's my current solution:

This is a USB can cooler (bought from one of those 1-day type sites).

If I sit my iPhone on it, it cools down, and actually charges, and holds it a little longer!

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Ultimate Geek

One NZ

  #251987 31-Aug-2009 16:45

Hi there,

can you send me an email with all the detail (names, dates, places, numbers etc) and I'll chase it up. Fail but Just out of Warranty isn't good enough in my book.


Paul (paul dot brislen at vodafone dot com)

Paul Brislen
Head of Corporate Communications


81 posts

Master Geek

  #251990 31-Aug-2009 16:53
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I'm sure everyone appreciates that you are keeping an eye on what's going on out here in consumer space.

Thanks very much!

Hawkes Bay
8476 posts

Uber Geek

Retired Mod
Lifetime subscriber

  #251994 31-Aug-2009 17:00
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Kitanai: I think you should do a law degree Tony, you sound pretty convincing.

lol thanks.

sbiddles comment on Twitter about the matter.

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