Hi everyone:

I have an iPhone 3G, running the latest OS 3.1.2.  I also have a Bluetooth stereo headset, that supports both Headset/Handfree Profile (HSP?) and A2DP for stereo music.  I managed to pair the headset with my iPhone with no problems, and can use it to listen to music via ther iPod function.  The music plays well, loud and clear, however, I can see to be able to use it as a phone handfree device - i.e. I can hear the remote party well, but the other party whom I'm talking to on the phone xan't hear me!  I thot initially it was my headset that is faulty, but I then paired it with a Nokia 6120 and it works well, both stereo music and as a handfree headset!  The other party can hear me loud and clear over the Nokia 6120, but just not of my iPhone.

This led me to think, is ia a problem with the iPhone?  On my Nokia (and laptop which I have also paired the device to), I can choose between "stereo headset" and "handsfree unit", with the default being stereo headset.  But the iPhone doesn't seem to offer this function.  Does anyone has any ideas how I can (if possible) get this to work?