I just think Im not meant to have an iPhone......

Was testing an iPhone for work a month back, found some issues so off to Apple it went for repair/replacement.

Picked it up Thursday afternoon...was given a new iPhone (or at least was packaged as new without a box). THought great, Ive been given the go ahead to use it as my own , now I can catch up with the rest of my geeky friends who have had iPhones for ages and keep showing me these great apps etc :)

However I think ive been given a dodgy phone......

When using any app that uses the mic, I have varying success.

Talking Tomcat : Sometimes it works fine, other times it jsut dosent hear me at all.
Voice Recorder : Again sometimes it works, other times I hear nothing and other times I get static.
Skype : Seemed to be fine, but will test more today.
Phone calls : Only made one so far and seemed fine.

So, am I looking at a dodgy mic on the phone or dodgy software ?

Has been upgraded to latest iOS.