Been sitting in my office for a while now unused so time to find a new home for my precious.

24" screen
2.8Ghz Core 2 duo
ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO
4 Gigs Ram
320 Gb HDD

this model: 

Currently have apple mighty mouse (the one with the wee ball) and older imac keyboard.

Great condition, no scratches etc - well looked after and only ever used by me (no kids allowed near it!).

Have just formatted it and reinstalled Mountain Lion.
Unfortunately no box as a spring clean took care of that before i thought id sell it!

Will upload some photos soon if anyone is interested.

Cost me $3k about 4 years ago (plus $150 I think it was for the extra 2 gigs ram).

Going to put up on trademe in the next day or two for $1200 buy now but will do for $1000 for anyone on geekzone first.

Pick up only - located in Kapiti Coast just outside Wellington but can probably organize delivery to Wellington on a weekend if needed.