Takamine EGS-430SC for sale.

Approx 2 years or so old. $1500 new. Little use (maybe 2 - 3 hours a week of at-home play). Not abused. Bought new by me.

Solid Cedar top, N4B elecs, Nato side/back, Rosewood fingerboard.

Matte natural finish.

This is the model, and the colouring of mine is almost identical (though they are all individual!)

Its a beautiful piece, with a warm, rich, mellow sound, with no harsh low or high end, and is very easy to play. I really don't want to part with it, but it's a slightly smaller bodied guitar than my previous one, and I just miss the bigger guitar. This is perfect for gigging, recording, travelling, practice, whatever.

It holds it tune very very well, for a very long time.

Will be sold with new set of strings (strung properly by me, not by some underpaid music store floor-sweeper).

Photos available on request.

Will take serious enquiries/offers to tony[at]tall.co.nz

I also have the an ABS Hard-shell case in 100% brand new condition, and a tuner + picks for sale if required.

I know I will regret selling this, but I really want a bigger guitar (I am 6 foot 7, and really need a full-on big dreadnought size)