Just wondering if a pair of HD515s are worth anything to anyone? They're about 13 years old I think, though still sound great (to me at least :) )




They need new earpads as the material has split and the foam has come out (You can buy them locally for about $40 - I got some a number of years ago from computer lounge - or I think you can also buy knockoffs from ebay for about $10-15)




They also have the classic issue with the HD515s of hairline cracks above the ear pieces, which doesn't affect functionality though for some reason many years ago I put duct silver duct tape around one of them to "fix" it (lol)  I've used them as is for many years and they work great and the cracks haven't got any bigger. 




Can put up some photos if anyone is interested...  and pickup would be in Auckland. No idea on value, but not expecting much (Someone on trademe is trying to get $150 for a pair in similar condition - they're dreaming, not expecting anything like that much!)