Surplus of IGBT and High Voltage Capacitors - Electrolyte and Ceramic Type in Auckland.


For those of you who are into DIY - Motor Drives; EV, etc projects.


Those are all from Panasonic or Samsung ~ 2014 gear which I am buying for just few components for my R&D. The rest is surplus


Components are high quality and not that pirated junk you may buy on eBay.


Capacitors (many) are rated over 250V


IGBT are also High Voltage, for example (have much more):



1) RJP63K2 630V 35A - 7 pcs
2) RJH30H2 360V 35A - 3 pcs
3) RJP30E3 360V 40A - 5 pcs

4) FGA70N33 330V 70A - 12pcs



Looked up random IGBT on eBay - ~$2 each. I will do them $1 but in bulk - e.g. $15 - $25 for a pack of ...


Express of interest if any. No plans to dump :-)