Hey guys,


just got my old Nexus 6P back from FoneFix, had the battery issue, has now been repaired under warranty.


Device has a new display assembly, battery, and back casing, so it's pristine, can't tell it isn't new.


The charger has seen a bit of life, still working fine, but the fussier user may want to get a new USB-C to USB-C cable.


Device comes with the USB-A to USB-C cable (pretty sure I know where it is), device, charger, and if you want, I can probably scrape up the original packaging.


Purchased from 2Degrees on release, so I believe the manufacturer warranty will be expired, however the device will still be covered by the Consumer Guarantees act.


Unsure as to what I'm seeking, however I've seen some devices on Trademe for around $700, and the closest device I can find on pricespy is probably the Pixel XL, so I'm thinking maybe $600, but feel free to make offers.


Pick-up can be sorted in Hamilton, otherwise I'm fine to post it (at your own risk).