Heya, I have a small system that I have installed a HD-Plex 160W PSU into.

I bought a 150W power brick to pair with it, and the system wont start up properly. I am trying to diagnose if it is the PSU or that the power brick I am using doesn't have enough current.

Does anyone have a power brick with a 7.4x5.0 barrel connector that puts out 19V and >7.9A (>150W)? Something like the Dell Alienware 240W units or the HP/Asus 180W units?

My system is a Gigabyte AB350N-WIFI and a Ryzen 2400G, so should be easily powered by 150W, but would be good to check before shelling out a bigger power brick or trying to send the PSU back and get a SFX unit instead.

I am in Hamilton, so local would be easiest. Thanks!