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Am after offers over $2,000.00

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Macbook Pro 15"
Intel Core Duo
2 GHz
Memory 2 GB
Bus 667 MHz
Serial No. W86141LWVJ3
160 GB HDD
OSX 10.4.11
Original Box
Neoprene type soft case.

In excellent condition, 18 mths old, just replaced the battery under Apple warranty.

Info by Serial Number;
Serial number: W86141LWVJ3
Name: MacBook Pro
Model: Mxxxx MacBook Pro 2.0GHz
Bus speed: 667MHz
Screen size: 15 inch
Screen resolution: 1440x900 pixels
Memory - number of slots: 2
Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)
URL: Technical specifications by code_to_number: 1LW - SG03562SK59

Model introduced: 2006
Production year: 2006
Production week: 14 (April)
Production number: 1866 (within this week)