I would like to get hold of one of these. I would prefer well maintained second hand ones to save $$ but I have been tempted by some of the new ones I found on Trademe / Pricespy. Trademe seller "UDSMart" is selling one quite cheap at the same price as Amazon/B&H, and that's including shipping and customs duties (they are from Hong Kong). Pricespy suggests Supero and ExpertInfo, both are parallel importers. I read something bad about the former and nothing at all of the latter. I have also searched some larger photography dealers but this model is not listed.




(1) Do you have a used one you would like to sell?


(2) Do you know where is a good place in NZ to buy a non parallel-imported one?


(3) If going with parallel imported - what would be the best option: Trademe UDSMart, Supero, ExpertInfo, or others?




My last resort is to buy from Amazon and pay my customs duties but it is the most expensive option.


Any suggestions welcome and appreciated!