Not exactly PC these days, but does anyone here collect smoking related memorabilia? 


After cleaning out parents home I found -


Ronson Penciliter, circa 1948


1/20 14 K. gold filled engine-turned, model no. 48902

This second generation of the Ronson Penciliter was manufactured between 1948 and ca. 1957 in the USA. As the predecessor it was a combination of a one-motion wick lighter and super-fine propel-repel mechanical pencil.
The Penciliter was advertised in Life magazine in 1949 in these words: for father’s day, June 19th give dad the new Ronson Penciliter. always at hand…. to light with... to write with!…. It’s a really new and different gift for Dad! The world’s finest lighter and a superb mechanical pencil are combined in the handsome Ronson Penciliter. It’s finely balanced… it’s streamlined… it’s always at hand for the two things he does most - lighting (press -it’s lit… release -it’s out)… and writing. He’ll constantly use... constantly thank you for the new Ronson Penciliter! Your choice of two styles in a handsome gift box 1/20 14K Gold filled $15.00 (plus tax); plated with Rhodium (a precious non-tarnishing metal of the platinum group) $10.00 (no fed. tax)


Any interest in buying?