Contactors, breakers (6-32A), safety circuits (Jakob RT7A), motor protector circuits, an expensive AC-AC drive, DIN rail 24V PSU, cable glands, 240V AC fans, assortment of industrial momentary switches, E-stop switch, DIN rail mount relay, a few filtered iec inlet connectors, and 2 metal boxes. One 700*500*400(ish) industrial box with a few holes in it and one lightweight meter box.


I bought a couple of industrial control boxes to rebuild my CNC electronics and this is the leftover stuff... The safety circuits are probably worth at leats $100 each and the 24v PSU is gotta be worth $30-$40. The AC-AC drive is listed on ebay for between $4 and $8k although I don't believe any of those numbers.


Make offers. If it's for use in something interesting we'll see on here, I'll take lower offers :-)


High res shots of all the stuff here


And here's a shot of the components. The box photos are in the link above.



I'm in Chch. I won't post the boxes.


Cheers - N