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Save the EDID. Now easier to use with external controls.

Computers can sometimes lose the EDID -- basically the electronic identification of a display which lists its possible resolutions and frequencies. When displays are switched away or disconnected and then reconnected, the EDID can be lost and the computer can lose the ability to display the image properly.

The DVI Detective solves this problem by memorizing the EDID information. It does this by being programmed in a simple process. Once the DVI Detective has the display's EDID memorized, it can be placed over the output of the computer's video port, where it fools the computer into thinking that a display is present, even when the display is switched away to another computer.

How It Works

After a simple initial programming step involving only the monitor and the DVI Detective, you simply connect the video source on one side of the DVI Detective and the extension module or switcher on the other side.

External buttons and no power after programming make EDID programming and settings operations a breeze.

Note:  For custom EDID programming please call (800) 545-6900 for more details.


1. Basically you plug this into your display either with DVI or use a DVI-HDMI adaptor
2. It will store all the information from the display in the onboard chip
3. Now you plug the device into your video source device
4. The device emulates the ID signal of the display, the source thinks the display is always plugged in and always active

This can be used to fool the computer that your display is directly plugged into your computer when you are using a home theatre receiver, allowing you all the usual resolutions.  Also if you have problems with the losing video signal when your TV is turn off/on/changes sources or when your HTPC goes to sleep this can solve them.  If you loose video signal from your xbox when you turn off/on/change channels or your TV this also solves the problem.


Cost $120-160 from eBay in the USA incl postage.

$90 + Postage

If it doesn't work for you, send it back to me within 7 days and i'll refund your money less postage.