This is from say 2011 i think. Got to try move it on as i spent a heap of time on it back in the day and dont want to just recycle it 😭


I used it till about 2016 then my old man has been using it for netflix, its on windows 10, slow but still works. Just after a box of coronas for it


Its in a small box with with the bare minimum to run 1080p stuff at low power. It was initially setup to run mediaportal and had a few tv cards in it etc. After i skipped tvcards we just used it for netflix and streaming *cough* teatv *cough*. Works fine for video, just slower to move around. 


Runs the AMD E-350 Processor 100 with a small motherboard,


has 4gbs of ram


120gbs ssd


and a videocard that can handle the decoding required, Im pretty sure its a geforce 710 with hdmi output. 


It has a external psu setup so it works with the 100W power adapter I rigged up. A bit hacky but has worked for like 8 years. 


Running legit windows 10 pro install, just resetting it now. 




Someone can raid bits or use it as a whole, pickup is pukekohe or work hours in albany or i could ship although who knows if it will live that process. 


pictures on google photos: (rear view) (front view)


First in first served, prefer a pickup though so ill take that over shipping.