Hi all,

***All gone already, sorry***

Time for a cleanout. The following are FREE to anyone who wants them. Wellington pickup, or possibly Auckland as I tend to be there pretty frequently.  Sorry, I'm not posting these anywhere unless there's a really really good reason. If you're in Twizel and something below would save your charity from eviction from the cardboard box it's been renting, that'd qualify :)

*GONE* C-Net 4 port 10/100 switch.

*GONE* Buffalo 54G wireless access point/bridge. 1x RJ45 connector to wireless B/G, with power adaptor.

*GONE* Belkin F5D7230 wireless router. Like this. 4 LAN, 1 WAN (RJ45). Was used for TelstraClear. This is a replacement unit from Belkin because the one I bought was flakey. Turns out low-end gear like Belkin has problems with the amount of ARP traffic floating round on Telstra's network. This one works fine, but as with my original one, it needs a reset every couple of days.

*GONE* Hauppauge PVR-350 capture card Includes remote, cables, IR receiver, etc. Bought in England, so has SCART as well as the standard s-vid and composite input cables. Battery compartment of the remote needs taping shut.

*GONE* X-drive II with a small laptop drive in it, I think it's 4Gb. Don't know whether the drive is any good or how long the battery will last. Comes with cable and charger etc. Was *very* useful for the old Digicam when travelling.

*GONE* BTC 9019 wireless keyboard. Built-in joystick mouse, very useful for HTPC stuff. Keys are well worn, and the joystick has taken a bit of a beating, having been dropped once or twice, but it works fine.

If you're interested in any of it, drop me a mail:  richardb -at- buzzy =dot= info