Free to a good home, I made this about 3.5 years ago for one of my daughters but we've had to add more shelves to her room and have no space to hang it so had to move her components into a regular case.


  • 10mm laser cut acrylic
  • 740mm x 610mm at widest/tallest parts
  • has a steel mounting loop on the back I used to hang it
  • Has holes for some standard mobo mounting points (I used 2 difefrent ones so have some redundant holes), 1 SSD and 1 GPU - although you'll have to play around, I only mounted a 450 GTS and a 680 GTX here
  • Pre-cut slots for cables, and extended PCIe ribbon cable (I have one here for anyone that wants the case, its 2 extension ribbons plugged into each other, surprisingly it still worked with the 680 and the benchmarks showed little difference).
  • The PSU mounts are still there, not the prettiest but it worked.
  • I had the power switch cable running as part of a single loom down to the desk and had the switch mounted on her desk

The backing plate weighs rouhgly 5-6kgs from what I can guess.


Pickup only - I'm in Wattle Downs, Auckland.


Pic at the bottom shows what it looked like when I had the components in there running. From what I've seen online the lighting options now are much better than they were 4 years ago so I'm sure someone can make this look pretty awesome.





Pic for reference only - I'm only giving away the backing plate and the ribbon cable above.