I managed to acquire a Microsoft StorSimpl 8100 (which was a rebadged Xyratex / Seagate SAN with custom controllers used for local caching of Azure content), and I want to repurpose it into my home lab as per this guy but annoyingly mine is missing the QSFP+ to SPF+ adapters and I'm not rich guy enough to have 40gb in my home lab (yet!)


Before I forsake a not small amount of beer money and go order some off the interwebs, anyone have some of these lying around they don't need or are willing to part with for cheaper than $50 a pop on AliExpress?


The ones it shipped with from Microsoft were the QSPF to single SPF+ type e.g.


In theory the NIC's could support the QSPF+ to 4x10gb breakout adapters, so if anyone happens to have some of those spare/cheap that could be an option.


Also in in the unlikely event anyone knows of an L3 SPF+ switch with QSPF+ uplinks that could do with a new home let me know about that too.