As most of you know I dont keep things for long :p,Going to be selling this in the next week or so to fund for a new Project ^.^

Alot if Time & effort has been put into this and will still a few things need to be touched up
but will be completed prior to Final sell!

Here are some bad Quality Pics!

Gives you a rough idea of its current state but trust me looks alot better! Avalible for viewing also on the Northshore Auckland



CPU:E8400 Never been OC'd
Mobo: XFX 9300 On board HDMI
GFX: Asus 4870 Matrix
Psu:Silverstone Modular 750
640GB WD Black Cavier HDD
O/S: Xp or Vista 64/32Bit
Ram: CURRENTLY 2x1GB DDRII 800 Crucial Ballistix, Will add another 2 sticks is double sided stuff as well with the funky heat spreaders :P

Can also include a 22inch WS LG monitor


Black Ice Radiator
Tygon 3/8 Tubing
Swiftech Pump,Resivor & CPU Block

I will have these things completed before sell!
Add UV Green Liquid Fluid to W/C for a glow
Mesh Sides & add 2x 120MM Fans Each side
Also add UV green mini Neons inside to add some lighting

All the parts are under a 2 months old BAR Cpu everything comes with a recipt from Computer Lounge or Playtech (PSU) and have never been tampered with, I really wanted to keep this & take to the next X-lan but I have another Ammo crate that needs to be done in time...

This Case has had some awesome interest in it alot of people following it and tbh I reckon it has a high chance at taking a prize at this years Xlan ^o^