Following on from my Everything Must Go thread, I also have two adorable cats that need to be re-homed.  This is much harder on us than getting rid of the geek gear I have to say.

The link for Trade Me is

They're really cool cats.  Morris is a male and really quirky.  His real name is Chuck Norris but it got a bit cumbersome.  He's very friendly but does some really dumb things which makes for hours of fun for the whole family haha.

Willow is very loyal but can take a little while to get used to people.  She's also very friendly but takes her time about things!

Anyway, these are great geek cats, They're good with electronics and are well trained to NOT go near any cables, etc.  Even when they jump on my desk they both weave in and out of the way of all my gear.  Very cool

Would love them to go to a nice caring home.