Main Features:
Share your Hard Disk wirelessly  
Built your wireless network using the AP function, or integrate to your existing wireless network
using Client function. 
Fast Performance for Realtime Video sharing 
2 x USB Ports for Sharing USB memory device or Printer

Download from bittorrent/ftp/http without a pc

AS new condition. But there is something wrong with the power supplier. So it can't be turned on.
You can buy a universal power adapter from dick smith or somewhere else.
I also replaced the original antenna with a Motorola high db one.

Please note: there is no harddrive come with this enclosure. The one I am selling is SMC branded and exactly the same with the airlive wmu-6000fs except the color. There firmware is interchangeable.

Please make an offer!!!

Tech specs:

CPU: 200Mhz RISC
Wireless Module:RT2560
IDE controller:IT8211F

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