If anyone is interested in any of these please let me know with how much you are willing to offer.
Pickup from Northshore Work Hours or West Auckland otherwise.

All of this stuff worked last time I used them but will check before selling. I have much more to add over the next week when I open up all the boxes of stuff I have.

UltraPLus 780 DVB-S Receiver (bought a couple of years ago but only used for around 2 Weeks)
*SOLD* PS3 PlayTV (Near New)

*SOLD* Hauppauge HVR-2200
Hauppauge Nova S Plus

Cisco 1720 with WIC1T

Yes all these routers are ADSL1 and accounts for the history of ADSL routers to come onto the Market in NZ :-) I got most of these years ago when I was updating nzdsl.co.nz with information on ADSL routers. I have an M10 somewhere I think as well but its useless on Telecom's Network.

Dynalink ALE070
Nokia Ni500
Nokia M11
Nokia M1122 with Wireless Card
Asus AAM6000EV
Cisco 837

Bass Dual Overdrive SD-2 Guitar Pedal
Ibanez Pedal CSL-CHU-0101B Guitar Pedal

BTech BT8411 Vesa Wall Mount (For a Large TV's such as 50-60inch)