Hi Guys, I purchased a Pronto TSU9600 remote a few months back, planning to integrate it into my home theater setup. I pulled it out of the box, had a play with it, then popped it back into its box for a rainy day project ...which never happened.

I'm now quite content with my iPhone/apple-remote and universal remote for the time being, and would perfer to start putting some $$ away for a power amp ...So the TSU9600 is up for sale

It comes with docking station, manuals, latest Pronto Edit Professional software etc...

I'm Asking $1200 .....retails at $2799 - so yer geting a bargain!

I may even be willing to program it up for you free of charge, providing it's a simple setup - otherwise I can offer my services for a small fee ...open to negotiations...

I'm Pronto level 2 certified, and an AMX programmer by trade.... and trust me, compared with AMX, Crestron etc... this remote is cheap as chips for the power - bang for buck

If you would like to WiFi this remote with a Pronto controller, then I can sort you out in that department also.

Will ship free of charge Laughing